Saturday, June 4, 2011

Street Style Watch

sorry for the lack of updates from Bali. yes, I have survived this place and yes, I still chose to live here. but before you guys start hating me for being a slacker, I actually have a semi legitimate reason to win you guys over...again!  as it turns out, a lot of very necessary things in life such as tampons (what's a girl to do), sunblock (reason for my super duper sun kissed look), tomato sauce and especially a fast internet connection is a big time luxury in this little island. i have to admit, Bali is starting to feel like home versus a reprieve from my life in dear city of angels. perhaps, the southeast asian in me is finally catching up...?

Nama Saya Kristine. That's Indo for: My name is Kristine. Impressed yet? 

Live and Love.....Always

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