Wednesday, October 26, 2011


At our usual morning spot, Bali Buddha, ordering our usual breakfast staring at the "big titty girls". Must we be so predictable?  We just  love this place that we come here almost every morning. You would do the same thing if you were us, with $2 fruit bowl and really yummy cappucinos.  And everyone loves some morning boobs. Hahaha.  It's the best way to start of your day and not break you pockets unless you own Russian oil fields........ then you're an exception.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1:43 am and pastels

styled by: kristine magante

happy labor day everyone. It's 1:43 am right now and got a little bit inspired so i whipped up this whole outfit just for you peeps. i'm loving the contrast between the strong features of the sequined top and high-waist leather shorts against the softness of the pastel hues of the bag, shoes, hat and accesories. i got my inspiration from my nail polish collection. 
hope you guys like it as much as i do. if not, you better cz i know where most of you live and you don't want me to come knocking on your door coz i'm bad news. i'll eat all your chocolate.

on another note, i have a new kick-ass blog, so check it out. I know you are probably thinking why in the hell would i want to have 2 blogs. well, i'm a crazy individual. Let's just leave it as that. 

live and love.....ALWAYS!

Friday, June 10, 2011

white is right

photos by: Mr. Tweed
(Dress: Romeo and Juliet, Shoes: Unknown, Eyewear: Ray-bans, Bracelets: Dainty Jane, Necklace: Dainty Jane)

who is the face behind this awesome awesome blog, you ask? Well, here you go. beautiful ain't it (i kid, i kid). by the way, you guys asked for it. i tried my very best for as long as I can not to post my beautiful face but then why not. It ain't so bad. i gotta work with what my momma gave me.  
this concept is definitely a work in progress. i have to confess, never was i ever comfortable in front of the  camera. i feel silly and i instantly freeze when a lens is right in front of me. good news is i am trying to be better. i'm gonna really dig down and find the inner model in me.....this is too funny. 

So for now, Live and Love to the fullest. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

blue skies and green fields

styled by: kristine magante

i'm really digging the kimono. The soft chiffon material with the floral pattern paired with green cut-off jean shorts and the shoes......oh my! it's perfect for the summer season and for the Bali lifestyle (don't hate). Now you can look hot & sweaty. honestly, i just love this whole ensemble...... colorful and casual.  don't you just love it?!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Street Style Watch

sorry for the lack of updates from Bali. yes, I have survived this place and yes, I still chose to live here. but before you guys start hating me for being a slacker, I actually have a semi legitimate reason to win you guys over...again!  as it turns out, a lot of very necessary things in life such as tampons (what's a girl to do), sunblock (reason for my super duper sun kissed look), tomato sauce and especially a fast internet connection is a big time luxury in this little island. i have to admit, Bali is starting to feel like home versus a reprieve from my life in dear city of angels. perhaps, the southeast asian in me is finally catching up...?

Nama Saya Kristine. That's Indo for: My name is Kristine. Impressed yet? 

Live and Love.....Always

Monday, February 28, 2011


Photos by: Kristine Magante

Ahhhh......another beautiful day in Bali and I just finished breakfast with my one and only MistaTweed.    Oh did I mention it's noon?  Hahaha.  Life is good.  One thing I really love here in Bali is the lifestyle.  You can work at your own pace and take off any day you like.  I like driving around our village and discovering new places.  
A short drive thru the rice paddy and we ended up at SENTOSA.  A luxurious villa resort here in Bali. I love this place 'cuz the food is so good and it's one of the best places to chill by the pool. I love all the wood. Wood walls, wood doors and even floors. I guess im obsessing over wood. Just come to come and check it out for yourself.  

vive et ama!