Monday, February 28, 2011


Photos by: Kristine Magante

Ahhhh......another beautiful day in Bali and I just finished breakfast with my one and only MistaTweed.    Oh did I mention it's noon?  Hahaha.  Life is good.  One thing I really love here in Bali is the lifestyle.  You can work at your own pace and take off any day you like.  I like driving around our village and discovering new places.  
A short drive thru the rice paddy and we ended up at SENTOSA.  A luxurious villa resort here in Bali. I love this place 'cuz the food is so good and it's one of the best places to chill by the pool. I love all the wood. Wood walls, wood doors and even floors. I guess im obsessing over wood. Just come to come and check it out for yourself.  

vive et ama!

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